Tonight’s Gonna Be A Good Night…

So… tonight is the big night!

The Indian Dinner… A Taste of India!  Yesterday was spent transforming the gym into a Little India.    Wow…  Well, to be honest that is what stresses me out, I WANT people to be Wowed!  When you spend $40 a person, to have dinner in a gym… you want people to feel like it was worth it.

I had  bit of a meltdown Thursday, when the forms that went out to ask for help didn’t bring in the needed help.  I was overwhelmed.  I am sure my little surgery added to my stress.  I alway react emotionally after anesthetic.  Yet after making phones… HELP did show up.  I am so grateful to all that came out and lent a hand.  My buddy and pal, Mr. S was there with the 7-8 class to help set up tables and chairs…   it all came together.

The room was full of creativity… and so magic happened.  I can’t wait to post pictures!

Today is cooking day.  My mom is doing the rice and a veggie dish… the other family is doing the aloo gobi  (cauliflower and potato curry) and the 3rd family is doing dessert.  The men are going to Scarborough to pick up the butter chicken and samosas.

Then this afternoon it is time to bring it all together.  Making the raita (a yogart salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and onions), picking up the centerpieces… (Ooohh… they are going to be lovely…), warming up the food, naan… OK, is this making you hungry?

It is 8:20 a.m.  Today my boys were all up (except Sammy) by 7 a.m.  Really?

I often talk about my God and me.  I often talk about how much I love Him.  I have also talked about how I wish I could hear Him better.  I have written about my moments of doubt… just moments.  Here’s how God filled me yesterday…

When we started this, we printed 150 tickets.  I prayed for 100 people.  I believed.  I felt it in my heart that God would honor this request… as He knew my heart’s desire… (which is to have the boys bathroom completed by back to school the new year).

I have to admit… I was really doubting and a little panicked mid-week.  I needed to make enough to cover the cost of the bathroom stalls and then some…  plus … I will admit, pride was playing a part.  I didn’t want to look foolish.

As I started to really count the numbers, added up the donations, I felt my heart pound.  I felt a warm hug from God… OK.. not literally but I felt warm…  I couldn’t believe that the numbers were actually higher than I thought.  I felt God’s goodness and mercy.  I felt God remind me that He DOES care about the little things such as a bathroom reno.

So, I am going out on a limb.  I am praying for a bit more.  Is that greedy?  I had a 100 takeout containers  (thank you, East Side Marios and Montanas)…  I hope to sell 100 takeout … to use up the leftovers.  $10  … Butter chicken and rice… its’ a steal…

If this does work… I will be able to buy the girls bathroom stalls too!

So.. Dear Jesus,

Thank you so much for blessing us!  Thank you for caring for the little things.  If I can be so bold to ask… I am asking for that extra bit…

Thank you ahead of time for making this an amazing night!

I love you,


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