I’m Here and Off Again…

It’s been a while… sorry…. but as you can imagine, I was crazy busy this past week.  The Indian Dinner was a  HUGE success in my eyes… and I will write about it when I get back.  Project Bathroom is coming together nicely.  I will write about this too.  Yet, today, in T-2 hours and counting, I am off on a little break!

I am driving to Michigan to see my girlfriends.  If I had to label my best friends, these would be them.  We’ve been friends forever, lived through the good and bad.  We KNOW each other as well as one can know each other.

I am off, to enjoy 8 hours of quietness in the car.  I am off to enjoy it being all about me.  Eating as much and whenever I want.  Talking and refreshing my spirit with my friends.  We will be at the little town of my university.  It is a place that holds many memories, it is a happy place for me.  I will enjoy walking around campus… no doubt liking at the “kids” today thinking of young they look and wondering if I looked that young.

I will see a few other friends that are there.  One family lives there and then the 2 kids I babysat while there, are actually in school there working on their Masters!  How life has come full circle!

Anyway, I am just posting as I want to say, I’ll be back in  few sleeps!


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