Morning WWF…

It is morning… all are still asleep, except Sanj, who has been off to the gym a while ago.   I love this time of day.  It is perfect weather to snuggle into my blanket and shut my eyes and relax.

Then comes the first set of padding of feet.  Usually it is Josh.  We lay there snuggling.  I love this time.
Then another set of feet… another body snuggles on the other side of me.  Aw… lots of love to go around.
Soon enough another set of feet… this body stretches out across the bottom of my bed… in contact with my feet.  Everyone still has a piece of me.  It is not as quiet.  There is teasing going on… soon that turns into something annoying.
By the time two other set of feet come in…. there is fighting for a piece of me… there is arguing for blanket, there is arguing about body parts that aren’t mine touch them… the quiet is gone, long gone.
I feel like I am in the midst of the WWF… time for me to claim my body… all the pieces of me that have been stretched to the max.
Aw… I know I am loved.  I know that this is a precious thing… the morning snuggle.  
Yet… the constant competition… for the love and hugs… if they would just be… there is plenty to go around!
This morning I hear…. 
Max:  “I am mommy’s favorite.  She told me!”
Zach: “Actually I am her favorite!”
Max:  “Actually she told us all that!”
Aw… good to know they can keep a secret! lol
Favorites are a very real part of my day.  I do have favorites… but it changes hourly.  lol
So begins my morning.  Just a couple of more weeks of this… and soon it will be back to the abrupt wake ups of the alarm clocks… rush, rush and rush because I’ve hit that snooze button too many times!
So… I breathe in… and enjoy the snuggles, complaining and tug for blankets.
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