The Bracelet

My sweet Tyler suffers from self afflicted anxiety.   There are some things that stress him out yet over the years and we have really worked at this.  

Yet now that he is of the age to initiate something things such as  playing in a golf tournament.  He does it with a lot of enthusiasm.  It is all good until the morning of the tournament.  Then the symptoms appear.
Usually it begins with a belly ache or symptoms of the flu.  When this doesn’t work for him, we get a phone call with an injury.
One year he “broke his foot” by hitting his ball that hit a tree and ricochets back to hit his ankle.
At another one he had  sudden onset of the flu.
It is a well known fact that a new environment stresses him out as well as not knowing who he will golf with.
The boys saw/heard of the wristbands with pieces of magnet on them.  Many sports figures are wearing them.  It is been seen on the golf course to provide calm allow you to play your best game.
Tyler bought one.  He wore it to Hockey Camp… another thing he chose to do and really stresses about every year.  We knew that if it works we would know!
So does it work?  Many who have it swear it does.  The boys are in a golf tournament on Monday… so we shall see.
I don’t know for sure… but he has been a lot calmer at hockey camp.  No sudden sicknesses showing up.  Just minor things… a helmet that is too tight… the need for a new mouth guard… but vomiting or life threatening injuries!
I may have to buy some stock!  Maybe I should buy myself one for the first day of school!
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