My Reality… Your Reality….

Today my girlfriend came up from Toronto.   We have known each other since my early days of marriage.  Our husbands played football together and we would hang out whenever we had the chance.

Her kids are in their 20s.  We are living in two very different worlds.   She called me once and said she was bored.  I was so upset.  “Don’t call a mom of 6 boys and tell her your woes of being bored!”
It is a joke between us.  Do you have a friendship that is just easy?  It isn’t any work?  We are together and it is just relaxing.  We call when we call and we see each other when we see each other.
She stepped into my reality for a few hours.  I am sure she is going to go home tonight and enjoy her reality… quiet and bored doesn’t seem so bad! lol
She was shocked at the boyness of my boys.  We went to a creek so the boys would be occupied and we could hang out.  Yet I am not sure she really relaxed.  She is not used to boys wading into a creek looking for critters…  Yet she was fearfully curious… when the boys caught the crayfish, frog and even a fish.
The boys were very comfortable with her presence quickly and had no qualms of being there usual self of fighting for seats and nets.
Our reality is very different.  Our lives are very different.  I love her honestness and approach to life.  I love her realness.
I am glad that she thought our new house is closer… or felt much closer… maybe she will come down more often.  Or maybe I’ll escape to her reality for a break!
A good day.  A good day spent with a friend.
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