A Batty Day!

Wow! Today was a full day. I am exhausted by the constant need of mommy today. Not so much the physical exertion but the emotional one.

The boys were just busy and full of energy and then some. On the way to get a few heads of hair tamed, Sammy and Tyler wrestled, punched, slapped and laughed the whole way. I was stressed by the interaction waiting for a breaking sound or crying.

Then there was the “keep away Zach’s ball cap” game while Zach was screeching for it.
Then there was who was going to sit in the back…
It was on going.

To add to the stress of my day… while at the school with a great group of ladies there to clean out the portable… I made my way to the office. As I walked down the hall this black THING flies past me… I could have touched it… I SCREAMED and ducked into the office shutting both doors as Rena, our sweet, calm secretary goes and tell our principal there’s a BAT!!! ( I am shivering even as I write it!!!)

I am hiding out in the office.. in walks Mr. S … I see his face (the expression he had on was similar to ones I had seen on my boys faces) and saw a thing in his hand as he throw it at me.

OK… I didn’t even know I had the ability to scream as I did. I don’t know WHAT I would have done had he really thrown a bat at me… but probably would have gone into cardiac arrest!

I really was scared but that turned into embarrassment as I realized I had been teased.

What do they say about PAYBACK? Any ideas are welcome… especially from you, Mrs. S!
I think that little experience exhausted me! Mr.S did come and apologize saying he didn’t know I was really scared! OK… forgiven but NOT forgotten!

So was my day full of testosterone. I love it. All of it for the most part. But today I could have used a bit of pink and fluff in my day. I wonder where I can get some cotton candy!
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