It has been a stressful summer for those that serve on the board of our school. Financial issues have led to some families leaving and letting some teachers go. We are a family so it is so hard to accept these kinds of changes.

I wondered how it would all come about. Yet over the last weeks I have seen God’s hand. Really seen HIS hand! Things have happened that are truly God’s guiding. I love watching Him work.
I am one that gets so frustrated sometimes Looking FOR God that I miss the SIGHTINGS as they are happening in front of me.
Over the last few months I have said a couple of prayers asking God … if it is possible… if He could work somethings out for people I care about.
I have to admit… I prayed both prayers with out much faith. Sad and bad but true.
I feel like I won the lottery. Not that these things have happened because of me… of course not. But sometimes you just need to see a God sighting… and how awesome when you see it in people’s lives that are so deserving!
There has been so much of our school community coming together and just getting stuff done. I love it!!!
Today I was to go to the portable that was used as a reusable store at the school and finish cleaning it out. If you have read any of my blogs, you are well aware that cleaning is not my favorite thing to do. I hate cleaning.
I have to admit I was very overwhelmed looking at the stuff that needed to be done and not feeling well either.   Yet the two other moms that came to help brought their children too… we had 14 children between the 3 families… and the children WORKED!!!  It was so wonderful!
Add some teachers that came and donated their time and energy… a couple of dads that were there at the right time… It was great!!!
I am so thankful to be part of such a great place!!! (Hey… we are accepting applications… call for you tour… 705.743.1400)!
Being there rejuvenated me!  God is so good.
So I end this blog with this thought… never know who it may apply to…
Sometimes we think doors are closed.  We are accepting things as they have to be.  Yet sometimes God opens the door.  It may not be the easiest thing to walk into His open door yet sometimes we need to just walk through in faith.  Sometimes we need to let others get a blessing in doing and we need to be the gracious receiver.  Sometimes God is working things out even if we don’t ask and just accept!
How awesome is it to serve a God that really does have us covered!
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