A New Way…

Yesterday was the Father/Son Golf Tournament at the boys club.

Sammy and Sanj were a team. Tyler asked a Mr. Neilson (fellow golfer, family friend, father to fellow classmate…) to be his fill-in dad.
They had a great day together. Sammy and Sanj came in second. Tyler forgot his bracelet so that may have impacted his game a bit! lol
The thing about community is there are always people will to fill in when you need a surrogate.
One of the positive things about Facebook is that there is interaction between people that may not normally interact. My boys having Facebook relationships with teachers and adults that they may not otherwise.
An example of this is Mr. Neilson… Tyler admires him as a golfer. At the club championships, Tyler was really hyped about his game. He had been practicing and studying his game.
The championships came and Tyler did not have a good game… according to him. He was frustrated and very down. I passed Mr. Neilson in the parking lot and was chatting about Tyler’s frustration. He said … “That’s OK… tell Tyler I shot a **! But I had fun doing it!”
As I repeated the conversation… Tyler perked right up. “He really shot a **?” Smile.
I guess misery loves company.
I love the little conversations or one liners that the adults take time to leave the boys.
It is another form of encouragement and mentoring.
It may not be what we are used to … but it is a new day.
It is a new way!
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