Last night I had a hundred different things I needed to write. I was too tired. Yet I couldn’t stop the thoughts from flowing.

I was thinking of all the things that parents do, good and bad. I was thinking of how hard it is… parenting. I was thinking of the years past when they were babies. It really was easy when they were babies. Feed them, change them, play with them, love them… all of which was so natural.
Now… it is hit or miss.
I can still love them till it hurts but that isn’t enough. They can hurt back. That wasn’t the deal… was it?
I am not good at this stage. Suddenly I realize why God gave me Josh. While my 14 year old is there being not so nice… my 4 year old lays there and says to me, “You are a good mommy. I love you.”
Caution… parenting is not for the weak at heart!
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