Smile… It Really Isn’t Hard…

Today was a day that I had running around to do … we are selling one of our vehicles to the business… and the business vehicle is being sold to us.

How hard can that be?  Well let me tell you… from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. I ran around getting the necessary signatures and what nots from lawyers, mechanics and the insurance company.  I had Josh, who was a real trooper, running with me…
After the last paper was completed… I went to the Ministry of Transportation to hand it all over… and waited to feel that feeling of completion.
I only left there extremely frustrated and was told that I had it all wrong.  I still am not clear of what I have wrong… and how and why they need the original bill of sales from 1999… I am pretty sure we don’t have!
I left there really needing a good cry… needing to yell at Sanj, that he does not pay me enough to cover the frustrations and emotional trauma I suffered… and will continue to do so until I figure it all out!
He is working on his Doctorate…  maybe he will have better luck figuring it all out.  I am only mommy.  There are limits to my talents!  lol 
OK… as I was living this day of frustration, I was truly baffled by the workers  at the license bureau.  Now I am generalizing and I am sure there must be exceptions to the rule… but at least in Peterborough… why are the workers there so scary?
Most of them have very ugly, scary expressions… that certainly don’t say… “How can I help you”  (especially since that is what they are being paid for!!!)   
They seem to take pleasure in letting you know you do not have all the stuff needed… they seem to say the least amounts of words possible…  These are government employees.  They have good jobs that many would give for… with benefits, holidays… lots of fake ones… and really have hard is it to simply be approachable and smile?
It is known to avoid the Peterborough Bureau and drive down to Lakefield office…. where they are kind and apparently go out of their way to help you.  It is worth the extra time to be served with a smile.
So…  nothing was accomplished off my list.  I am frustrated.  I suppose this is all in a day.
I start again, Monday…  
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