It’s That Time of Year Again!

This weekend I signed up 5 of my boys for hockey!

Let me tell you that soccer moms have nothing on hockey moms. It is another whole world. You must know your equipment… the order of which the equipment goes on, the art of tying skates… getting used to the smell of the locker rooms and hockey bags that also house odors… and then there is the bone chilling cold of the rink that you learn to be prepared for.

Then there is the cost… the younger ones pay $350 or so and the older ones pay $ 450 or there about…

as I write the check… I think of all the shopping hours this could be supporting…

Then there is the check list…

Sticks (2) in case on breaks… this cost would shock you… Tyler’s dream stick cost $230…

Skates … again… shocking cost… Tyler’s dream skates are $700 + Nike Bauer 195

Shin guards

Hockey socks

Athletic cup (don’t leave home without it)

Hockey Pants

Elbow pads

Shoulder pads


Helmet with face mask


Mouth guard

Throat protector



Water bottle

Let the season begin! I do love watching some of the boys games… I love the victory of shooting a goal! I love the imitations of the little guys of the NHL players. I love the french fries the make at the concession stand… those are going to have to be off limits this year!

So… we signed up… we are ready for the hockey season 2009-2010!

Nothing But Net!

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