Makeshift ER

Last night we were over at friends for a party. All the boys were with us except Jordan, who was invited to a friend’s house.

All is well until I get a call at 7 p.m. Jordan took a fall and gashed his leg pretty badly. They were going to take him to ER.
I am not a blood and guts girl. If my kid is hurt… I am more of a hinderance than help… unless I really have to step up to the plate.
Thankfully we were at two doctors house… who graciously said… they would stitch him up rather than us wait at ER for 4+ hours no doubt.
Jordan did really well. Me… if I ever need stitches… PLEASE knock me out first!
3 stitches later… flesh and blood under control… we were good!
Thank you Dr. Chandra x2!!! You are both awesome.
When the boys were born… we decided to have them circumcised. Back then, they would take the babe away and then return them a bit red and yet all good.
After Zachary… the doctor said he was doing them in his office. So I went unsuspecting… to have Zach look like his brothers. Little did I know… I was his helper. I was standing over Zachary as he looked so trusting into my face and felt things being snipped off… I am barely able to type… this.
I am so not cut out to be cutting or stitching any body parts.
It was a very traumatic experience. When Josh came along, I made sure that Sanj was booked off and there holding his son while he had pieces of tissue cut off… Maybe that is why Josh is the last one!!!
Poor Jordan is seemingly always the one that gets hurts… when he is away playing. He was a trooper! All is well that ends well!
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