Hiding Out!

It’s 4:28 p.m. on Wednesday evening. I want nothing more than to dive under my blankets, block out any sounds, eat a Reese Cup Blizzard (which I am swearing off till I don’t know when…) maybe some of my mom’s chicken curry and drift away.

I am tired. I am fighting off something… and seem to be losing at the moment.
I went into the office today and got my first office related injury. My pinkie has a sore spot that keeps hitting when I am filing… yuck. No one in this office seems to like filing. Since it is an obvious job needing to be done without any instruction… it seems to call my name.
Thus my poor pinkie. There are very rude, demanding and ungrateful people in this world. My husband seems to attract his share of these people. There is such an air of entitlement… and what amazes me is the folks that don’t think they have to pay for the serves that are provided for them. What planet do you live in?
Then there are the sweetest ones that walk in the door. There was a old man, quite old, wheeling his wife who was quite old too… He was so gentle and kind to her. Apparently he takes her everywhere he goes, despite the fact that she needs so much help. His adoration is so obvious and beautiful. What a love story.
I had lunch with a friend… not enough time to do that in my schedule… it seems. Then it was time to pick up Sammy. When asked how his day was, he replied, “We saw a movie of a baby coming out. It was weird. And a long movie!”
We did that once… I had Sanj video tape Zach’s birth so I could see it later. We always video taped it but from the side view. This was a rated version.
We showed it to the boys shortly after… to explain babies… and they were young enough to not make weird. They were fascinated with watching. After it was over, they yelled, “can we watch it again? Rewind it!” Not sure who had the control… but they did just that.
Ouch… it was painful to watch … instead of Zach coming out, soon he was being pushed back in.
As I hollered my discomfort, the funnier it became! Soon that was more entertainment itself!
I guess I should come out of my hiding spot… every mom needs one… and get the show on the road. Chili tonight. Then homework… then bed. Can’t wait!
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