Official Diagnosis

I am officially sick. It feels good to have a reason to just be still. Sanj is cleaning a poopy bum ( that shouldn’t be poopy of course). Sammy is hopefully tiding the kitchen. Jordan is switching the laundry around. Max is doing little errands. Zach is trying to decide if he wants to kiss me… and get sick.

Tyler is off at Youth Group.
Sick. It feels good to be sick… well good to skip all the evening madness and just let it go. It will be there tomorrow.
I know this is weird to even type this… but I love being in bed with my boys when they are sick. I love the hotness of their bodies as they try to fight off the bad bugs. I love that they are so still and needing the loving, craving the loving. Of course I wish them well after about 5 minutes of snuggles… because life is too quiet and so not normal to have my busy, active, non-stopping boys stay so still.
Night World… Hopefully tomorrow morning all, especially me will be well.
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