Enough Already!

OK… I am not sure what I was smoking when I typed my last blog. Obviously I haven’t been sick for a LONG time. Enough already. I am ready to feel better. I have had fever, headaches, runny nose, hot and cold flashes…. and I am ready for it to all stop.

I am missing life. This morning I missed breakfast with some moms…. 🙁
Life is going on without me. Tonight, at the school, there is a family fun(d) night.
Games, basketball, a movie for the kiddies… snacks… even a dessert that will be in a silent auction. This is happening without ME! 🙁 I hate missing out!
I am so bummed. Josh is pretty sick too. He was burning up. His temps just spike and it is so scary. But he is such a good sick boy. He never complains. He plays beside me and snuggles when he needs to.
I have Jordan home today, too. No fever, just not feeling well. He is not a very good sick child. That is an understatement. He complains, moans and groans constantly. Actually he does this every morning. He is not a morning person. So EVERY morning… and I do mean EVERY morning… he is sick. He is so convincing. Last year he had many a sick day. This year my rule is if you don’t have a fever or aren’t throwing up… then suck it up. Usually once he is ready and downstairs… he is back to being himself. So I put it all on not being a morning person.
Sanj has kept his distance… not wanting to get sick. For his sake, I hope he doesn’t.
Sunday I am off to my first class… in how many years… OK it is just one class… all day (that part has me stressed out a bit, especially with my ADD personality). But I am looking forward to it.
It is a Digital Photography class… thanks to a couple of my girlfriends…
So… I hope I am at 85% better.
Last night as I was feeling my worst, I had to take the dogs in to get spade and neutered. (Sanj was at hockey with Jordan… who scored a goal… yahoo!)
The boys went with me to drop the dogs off. There in the waiting room was a family, crying and obviously very sad. This was very disturbing to the boys. I think their family dog was either there to be put down or was badly hurt and they were obviously distressed.
Josh was not to impressed to leave Bo and Bella there. But they get picked up tomorrow morning. And then the battle will be to keep them still!
I really have nothing much to say… just wanted to write. Happy weekend.
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