Closed @ 8 p.m….

I just got a note on Facebook from a girlfriend.

She moved. I miss her. We are both busy. Life.
Yet I have this thing… maybe I am weird but…
I find it so much easier to write a quick note (one of the things I love about Facebook) and say hey than picking up the phone. I am so glad she is on Facebook. We can be friend again. Just Kidding…
I hate talking on the phone once the kids are home from school. There are too many distractions.
There is so much that is needing me. Being on the phone… I love chatting… but then I don’t get done all I need to get done.
Sanj doesn’t understand why I will say, “Don’t answer it… let the machine pick up.”
It isn’t personal. It really isn’t. I can chat with you in the morning while my babes are at school. I can chat in the car while in route to picking them up (hands free, of course… lol). And if you really need me… I’m there.
By 8 p.m. I am done. It is when I begin to shut the real world down. I will chat on Facebook, write emails but my voice is done.
Is this weird?
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One Response to Closed @ 8 p.m….

  1. kumardixit says:

    Okay, I get the message. I'll start calling when the kids are at school.