Here’s the thing… it is hard not to be a hypochondriac in this day!

H1N1… do my kids have it? There are so many misconceptions of it. It is scaring everyone silly.
The story of the little hockey player who died of it… it is stories like this that help with the panic.
Saturday… Zach is up and ready to play hockey. He is so excited. I watched him get all his equipment on. I loved watching his zest for life. He played. Had a great time. He gets in the car… and for whatever reason I feel him… he is burning up.
Just like that. He wasn’t sick as he was dressing. I would have picked it up. I was right beside him. Then you read this story. Hockey and H1N1 and the death shouldn’t be tied together. The boy sadly died of the H1N1. Hockey was a side line.
I hesitate to take my kids in… usually knowing it will be viral and there will be nothing that can be done. I took Josh in yesterday. Honestly… I was a little panic. He is so little. He is burning up for so many days in a row. He is so still. What if? He ends up having pneumonia.
Then I wonder what about the other two? How will I know if they have pneumonia?
Then there is me. As I understand it, H1N1 symptoms are fever, cough, headaches, much like the flu bug… but what set’s it apart is the respiratory distress. I have not been feeling well for a week. But I feel now like I have a low grade fever, still a headache and today…. my chest feels a bit full. I call my doc. As I repeat how I am feeling, she says you have the symptoms for H1N1. They can’t see me till Thursday. I am to give them a call and see how I feel by then.
Now as I am driving home, I feel wheezy. I can feel it. I feel asthmatic. Oh my gosh… I am gonna die?
See what I mean? Panic. I call Sanj. He leaves on Thursday for Florida.
Can I wait till Thursday to see my doctor? Sanj is calm. “Try you puffer,” he tells me.
He doesn’t seem to worried. So I am going to be fine. If any one should worry, it would be him. Right? He would have to father and MOTHER his 6 sons if I am taken away.
Breathe. I am crazy. Yah. I know.
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One Response to Scared?

  1. em says:

    Everyone in this house is freaked out about having H1N1 too. I am sick, my daughter is sick, Brad is just getting over something (Yeah, he is still alive to talk about it). Greg has some weird chest thing beginning. We are all caught up in the same panic. But there is nothing that can be done. So I am choosing to let it run it's course, and if things begin to deteriorate or look as if they are becoming too respiratory, then I will look further into it. Gotta put this one in God's hands. I know it sounds cliche, but, when it's time, it's time.
    Love you.