What Do You Want to Be?

I am very tired today. I could have used a nap today. All the boys were home except Tyler. He HAD to go to school. Even when I begged him to just stay home. He never really seems to mind going to school. Maybe he loves school. Or maybe he just hates the lack of knowing what day at home holds. Maybe he loves the routine of school. Maybe he just loves school.

My three younger ones have become cling ons. For Josh, this is normal. Zach, not so much. So I actually enjoyed it. Max? He has been fighting for his spot beside me.
As soon as I sit, from doing the dishes or what ever… bam… I immediately attract three little bodies… almost simultaneously. I am almost attacked.
I am not looking forward to Sanj being gone. Usually I don’t mind the break. I take the pressure off myself of being the perfect wife… for a few days. lol
Maybe because I am not feeling 100%. Maybe because I hate the responsibility of knowing there is hockey. Maybe because I feel the pressure of Halloween. Maybe because I just going to miss him.
He doesn’t have trouble sleeping with out me. He doesn’t have trouble sleeping. He doesn’t mind being alone. He likes it at times. I hate it. I hate sleeping alone. I will have most of the boys on the bed somewhere while he is gone.
I think I have to take Max in tomorrow to have his lungs listened to. He is sounding horrible.
The boys (well except Sammy) have the next two days off school. Usually I would have something planned. But I think we are just going to lay low. It is a busy enough weekend with Halloween and Hockey.
I am not a huge halloween fan. When the boys were little I loved it. I loved the hunt for the perfect costume. Now as they get older… it is more of a nuisance. Josh wants to be a Clone from Star Wars. Zach doesn’t know what he wants to be. See what I mean?
I am going as a Tree Hugger. lol
I am off to bed. Gotta get up my strength to keep up with the troops tomorrow.
Good Night.
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