Life with Josh…

I am not sure I can write this to come across as to how funny it really was.

Josh had his ear drum repaired… as I have written already.
Sanj wanted to see how it was healing. He put Josh into the sound booth.
This is something he does how many times a day.
“Josh, I want you to repeat the word after I say it.” Sanj instructs him.
Josh is busy touching things in booth. He is too comfortable.
Sanj… “Say ice cream…”
Josh… “Ice cream…”
Sanj… “Baseball…”
Josh… “What?”
Sanj… ” Baseball…”
Josh… “What?:
At this point I am thinking… “Oh maybe he he has hearing loss.”
Sanj… “Cowboy.”
Josh… “What?”
Sanj… (visibly flustered) “Say cowboy…”
Josh… “OHHHHH Cowboy.”
Sanj looks at me… “I have never had a patient like him.”
The boys and I are laughing. Sanj kicks us out.
Josh is apparently within the normal hearing range.
As far as him being normal in other areas… hum… that is yet to be determined.
Yesterday I was sitting in my Archie Bunker chair, talking to Sanj and the phone. Josh is on my lap. All of a suddenly I scream in pain. I am not sure why I screamed… I look down and Josh was trying to see what would happen if he used the nail clippers on my knuckle.
Life with Josh… it is always an adventure.
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