I Am Feeling It!!!

I had a great day today. It was a day filled with my favorite combination (if I have to exclude my family). It was like a mini break. A day filled with shopping, a day full of great finds and bargains (a must to make my shopping experience a great one), and a day of great company.

I loved today. We had a chartered bus, a very sweet driver, who showed up every time we needed him, a mall full of great deals, and time to relax and chat with each other on the ride home.
My cell phone didn’t ring once! That is a rarity. Sanj must have threatened! lol
The thing about time away is that you appreciate the welcome back. I love being missed.
I love finding me for bits of time. I did that today. I have been changing. I feel like I am on the cusp of something. I am feeling butterflies in my tummy. I am feeling it. I am finding a new bit of me. It is exciting. It is scary. It is so incredible.
Do you ever just believe in yourself? I never did. Never. I wished so much that I was full of talent, and raw ability in the athletics department or art department or had some musical skills.
I wished that I was a super cook, or baker, or craft person. I wished I was smart in an obvious area. I wish I cared about politics. Have you spent so much time wishing to be something special or even just normal?
Have you ever wished for something? Have you ever wanted something so badly?
Well… I have. I have a secret desire to be something. I am not great at it. But … for the first time I have found myself believing. Guess what… I am believing in me!!!
I am on a cusp of something. I believe that God is leading me towards fulfilling a dream.
He is calling, He is believing, He knows I can do it.
It feels good to believe in me. I feel butterflies. I feel good. I feel so excited. I have to let you know this is because of you, too. So thank you.
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