The Sweater Hug

I am a touchy feely person. I love holding hands. I love snuggling. I love hugs. It doesn’t matter who I am with, I will usually warn you that I am going to snuggle up to you.

I love being with someone. I guess men don’t have that luxury. It wouldn’t look right, I suppose, for them to snuggle up to someone. lol
Sanj’s thing is warmth. He loves being warm and toasty. The heat is blowing high in the car or he is layered in warmth.
He is a sweater person. He has these sweaters that are all purpose. He wears it to the gym in the morning. He wears it to the hockey rink. He works in them. He even sleeps in them.
Enough already. I hate those sweaters. In this picture, Sanj is wearing one of his Hug Sweaters. I am sick of seeing them on him. He loves them.
Yesterday when I went shopping, that was my mission.
I went looking for the Sanj Sweater(s).
I found the perfect one. It actually had his name on it. $230+ (Hugo Boss). I paused. I thought and then I walked away. I sighed.
It had his name on it. I kept shopping. Then I found another sweater, not exactly with his name on it but close. Big cable knit sweater with a turtle neck collar. I was sweating just looking at it. $69 (Banana Republic) then I had a 30% off coupon. Bingo!
Every one needs a hug. Some people have to wear their hugs.
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