Save My Hair!

OK… as much as I try to live life the way I know I should, I admit… I stumble more than I succeed.

But I keep trying… so that should count for something, right?
I have written that my hair is falling out. Not the typical hair loss but major hair loss and thinning. My mom has healthy full hair, why shouldn’t I? (Sob, sob).
I went to the health food store in town who is known for their knowledge and helpfulness.
She gave me some shampoo that said sodium lauryl sulfate free. She also suggested some things such as B12 vitamin to foster the growth of my hair.
I am a skeptic of sorts. Of course there is bad things in everything… even baking soda… yields yummy foods when we cook with it yet we can clean with it and get great results too.
So I decided to read on it… and then try the SLS free shampoo. My first thought was why does this shampoo smell like mouthwash? Ugh. I love my sweet smelling shampoos.
It was a week. Yesterday as I showered, 1 strand of hair came out. HELLO… ONE!!! After months of too many strand of hairs, I was shocked.
What am I saying? Well, I am saying this doesn’t apply to everyone. But hello, it obviously applies to me.
I am not going to preach about the woes of SLS. Just check it out yourself. Google SLS and hair loss. It is a little disturbing. This is a product used in garage floor cleaners, car-wash soaps. It is found in most hair shampoo, bath and skin products.
I feel a bit betrayed. How can these companies do this? SLS is commonly known in the medical world as an irritant. Yikes.
So… my hair may not smell as yummy as it once did… though I haven’t really checked out other products out there but at least I still have hair.

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