Early this week, Sanj got a phone call from someone on one of the committees he is on.

I am not sure what the purpose of the call was except that this woman went off on my husband.
Here’s the thing… it is plan and simple. Please don’t mess with my husband. I love him. Please treat him with respect. Please be kind. Please.
What the conversation was about is really pointless… this is a person that is always right. This is a person that never makes mistakes. This is a person that lack any sort of people skills or confidence.
I was laying on the bed. Sanj was talking or rather listening. I could hear the volume of which she was speaking to him. My heart started to pound. I hate confrontation. She was being ugly.
I want to use other words here… but on the chance that 13 and under folks may read this I will refrain.
Sanj was surprisingly controlled. He raised his voice once. I couldn’t believe that someone would talk to another person that way.
I have very hostile feelings right now towards this person. I realize it isn’t Christlike… but I am human. How dare you speak to my husband that way? If she spoke to me that way I am pretty sure I would have had to slap her or pulled her hair.
Please don’t mess with the people I love.
Here is when I have to really believe that God is in control.
I hate when I know something to be true yet can’t prove it. Or you have to be the bigger person and walk away. I hate “losing” if that is even the right word.
But time will tell. God is in control. Even when it doesn’t go my way. He is in control. He is teaching me something.
Probably pray for my enemies. I didn’t even know I had any enemies. But then you had to go and mess with my husband. I guess I’d better pray… harder.
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