Thankgiving…. CHECK!

The house is quiet. Very quiet. My brother and family have begun the long journey home.
The boys and Sanj and hanging out in the basement. I am sitting … yup… just sitting.

It’s been a good visit.

I have been reflecting on how alike and yet so different my brother and I. It’s neither good nor bad just different. We parent so differently. We have so many traits that are obviously Dixit traits and then so much of us that comes from the different experiences we have had.

Yesterday was a LONG day at the rink. Max had a tournament in Havelock (no where land) and we were there all day. It was a bit too much hockey for me. I had Josh too. He was a trooper.

Last night we didn’t do too much. Just hung out. I was looking at faces from the past on facebook from my brother’s friend list. We had such different experiences in high school. Interesting to see how that can have an impact on you later in life.

As we were looking through his list of “friends,” he would say “remember _____, they were in your grade 3 class.” (This was the class I student taught. I loved this group of kids).

It was a little ridiculous to see that these kids were adults, some with babes and families.
I didn’t feel old until I saw these 3rd graders with their own babies!

Wow! Life keeps going, doesn’t it. Whether your engaged in that part of life or not.

My mom came back last night. She is exhausted. While trying to be all she was to my babes, to her son’s kids, she seems to have forgotten she isn’t 60 something anymore. She is very tired.

She seems to be tormented. She seems to be forever trying to pacify someone. She lives a very unrestful life.

I realized this weekend that boundaries and distance can be good. It can be healthy. While I, of course, wish for it all, the big family holidays with everyone, I am grateful for the peace that come with making choices that work for me.

Thanksgiving… check. Now on to Christmas and winter fun.

Sanj and the boys are putting the plastic down for the rink… and now waiting for the cold and snow to come!

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