It’s Monday.  I am trying to find motivation to get the things on my To DO List done.
Laundry… wash it, dry it, fold it, put it away.
Cleaning… floors, windows, oven, dust, de-clutter.
Cooking… do something healthy with the chicken that my kids will eat.
Shopping... shoes (I am still parading around in my flip flops), back pack for Max ( his already fell apart), groceries (yes, again).
Phone calls… I hate returning phone calls.  Over the weekend, I didn’t really even check messages.   So now I have to make the calls back.  

I need to go to my doctor for blood work.  I am avoiding this.  I make a very bad patient.
I need to make a Christmas shopping list.  Usually by now I would be so on top of it.  I am not.  Not sure why, but the Christmas bug hasn’t bit me yet.  Maybe it is because of this mild weather. (I am still wearing my flip-flops… after all).

I need to write.   I just wish I had something interesting to say.

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