I Love My Boys!

The weather outside is ridiculous!  Brrr..  It’s -19℃ but with the wind, it feels like -27℃!!!  I would prefer to just stay in my pajamas but that isn’t going to happen.

Zach is at hockey camp and needs to be picked up in a bit.  I probably need to get groceries and get back to real life.  This break has been so needed.  The boys have been able to sleep in and just relax.

I am not sure how we are going to get back into to going to school mode.  There is a reason I don’t home school, lol, I have no discipline so we wouldn’t even start school to after 11 am, I am sure.

The older boys are in a hockey tournament in Whitby.  We went and watched them play yesterday afternoon.  I love watching them.  I am so amazed that those are my boys out there.  Obviously they didn’t inherit my lack of athleticism! 🙂

Everyone is home (I started this blog in the morning), Sanj went to work, and I am listening to the most beautiful thing… A bunch of little voices singing very off key to Taylor Swift’s You Belong to Me.  The boys are on Band Hero, a game they got for Christmas… and I love watching them forget about being self-concious and singing out with all they have! 

It makes me smile.  In between the fighting, there are these moments that remind me of it all being worth while.

I love my boys!
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