S..L..O..W..I..N..G DOWN…

This day is one that I wish would not end too soon.  It’s been a perfect kinda day.  I awoke to Josh begging me to get up because the sun was up and that meant it was morning.  Guess he doesn’t understand that’s what the blinds are for when you want to just sleep in.

I was sort of kicked out of the bed by three growing bodies that seem to take up all the space on our king size bed.  Sammy, Tyler and Max were all snuggled in their spots, snoring away.  I love watching them sleep.  As much as Sanj hates them in our bed, I love that they find peace and security there.

Zach was at his last day of hockey camp, Jordan was being dropped off at a friends and Max, at the last minute wanted to come with me, knowing he’d have a better chance at breakfast then home.

Zach had tears in his eyes as I met him.  Someone had crashed into him and he had a headache from hitting his head on the ice.  My poor little man.  He is such an amazing force of all boy.

We had to drop of the car at the mechanics, Sanj had a cancelation and so he picked me up and took us to lunch.  Yum… I love getting to have lunch with my favorite husband!

It was off to the bank to do a deposit and then we came home.

Still left is groceries, getting ready for friends over tomorrow… the boys all have a friend or two over for a New Years sleep.  So it requires me to be organized for many meals… not my strong point. 🙂

Tonight we are going out with friends for dinner.  Tyler is off to the movies with friends and Sammy is in charge!

I am longing for a nap.  That isn’t going to happen… sigh.
My nephew is coming for a skate and perhaps a sleepover too.

This day ending means the rush of getting ready for New Years Eve, then welcoming the New Year and then it is back to school mode.  I guess that is my problem… the bottom line… I don’t think I am ready for the new year.  I could really use another week at least!!!

I have a lot that I need to do in this New Year and that requires some soul work… and I am feeling  lazy, I suppose.

Sigh.   So, I am sitting here, hoping that the afternoon will go by at a grindingly slow pace.
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