Shop Till We Drop (or Run Out of Cash)!

Retail Therapy!  Who said it was for girls?  I am raising a bunch of boys that just love it!  They had so much fun!  They didn’t even try to get more stuff and stayed within the limits that I set before we went in.

I was also taken with the fact that each of them has a distinct style and taste.  They are so similar and yet so different.  I loved watching them match up stuff, scrunch their noses at something I may have pointed out and they didn’t like or watch them pick out stuff that Sanj may like.  Actually, that part, I am on to them.  The older 3 can share some of their dad’s stuff.  Poor Sanj, he is soon going to have a very empty wardrobe. 

I picked up a sweatshirt for myself… from the men’s section (as the stuff in the ladies section at these stores seems to be for teenagers.  The mediums would fit my one thigh)!  I love comfort.  I love how the men’s stuff isn’t clingy and gut sucking!  Yet as I had it in my hand, the older boys eyes lit up.  “Who is that for?  Can I borrow it?” I was asked.  Suddenly I realized that  there really isn’t much hope of it really being mine.  Back on the rack it went.
Funny though, the reaction I get when I wear their sweatshirts! 

I love shopping with the boys!
I was proud of their good attitudes and grateful hearts.

Then it was the hideous 2 hour ride home! 
I don’t understand how there aren’t more insane people out there that have to sit in rush hour traffic crawling at 20 km/hour.  Seriously!  It was tortuous!  
We stopped at Grandma’s house for supper to break up the pain.
Yum.  A good ending to a good day.

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  1. lauraelizabeth says:

    wow, that sounds like a a great time! Now i've seen everything…straight men who enjoy shopping!

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