Too Fast!

Spring Break is  going by at an alarming speed!  It was extra special that Sammy’s arm wasn’t broken!   It is probably badly sprained and will likely hurt when he plays hockey etc at bit till it heals.

This week was make extra special from a visit by my sweet Jessica.  She is the one time little girl I used to babysit and lived with their family while in university.  Their family became an extension of mine over the years.

She came to spend some of her Spring Break with us.  All week I have been torn between wanting to hang with the boys and yet wanting time with just Jess.  Last night we went and got pedicures and went out to dinner.  We were able to talk about all sorts of things.  All things are the same love, family, hurts, wanting, dreaming… and yet there is the change that comes with today such as constant need to text.

Here’s the problem with the week… I have realized that I am getting old.  First of all, looking at all the pictures we took… there is a lot of grey hair on my head!  I really don’t mind it but it was a little shocking to see that quite a few more had popped up since last time I noticed.  Then there is the fact that Jess and the boys were laughing at me due to the fact that I was out of the loop with the lingo that is out there now.  They were laughing at me!  Then there is the fact that Jess sleeps half the morning and then stays up most of the night.  Me… I need my bed by 11 p.m.  I just can’t do it!  Josh is up every morning before 7 a.m.  Today he stood up on my bed to demonstrate how he wanted me to GET UP!  

We have had amazing weather this week.  65+ degrees!  We spent a day at the zoo (with half the kids on spring break)!  Yesterday the boys went to the ski hill and had fun skiing with a sweat shirt.

Today, I say bye to my sweet Jess.  I am so thankful for the relationships/friendships that have lasted the test of time.  I am so glad that this friendship is one that my children are blessed with.  I am said to see her go.  I am so touched that she came and spent time with my brood and the flies that are infesting us now that spring is upon us.


The boys and I are off to their favourite mall in Toronto.  Lord, have mercy.   It will be a day full of “Can I have this?”  It will be a day of choices and happy faces.  I am sure there will be tears too.  It is going to be a good day and we will come home tired but happy.  Nothing like retail therapy! 🙂
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh Reema you are too cute and I love your honesty! Don't let anyone hinder your craft….you go girl!