Where Did My Max Go?

Today on the way to school I had major attitude to deal with.  Name calling was happening and I was not impressed.  What surprised me was the child that was mouthing back to me.
Max… my sweet, gentle Max was upset about not finding his backpack.  If it was hung up where it was supposed to be, he wouldn’t have had this trouble and not to mention I am not interested in this problem of his when we are all in the car, waiting!
He was upset.  He was name calling to one of his brothers.  I said, “Max, quit using words.”  (Of course he knew I meant mean words.
My 10 year old said to me with some serious attitude,  “Do you want me to use sign language then?”
I was a little surprised at his ability to come back so quickly.  I was also shocked that my little one was obviously not so little or sweet.
He is still working on the lines he had to write after he came home.  🙁
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