10 Lbs. of Chocolate is What I Want For Christmas!

Pancakes with cottage cheese and cranberry sauce…

on top is what is for supper.  Well, only Sanj had that, the other boys had syrup.  It has been that kind of day.  We are all tired from the ridiculous pace that we have been running.   Today was a day that we had no where to be.  Sanj had to play at church and ended up going by himself.

Max said, “I love days that I can stay in my pajamas all day!”  Me too!  We watched Elf again.  Christmas decorations are mostly up.  We have a fake tree this year.  BOO!  Well, here’s the thing, every year, Sanj is a grump when it comes to getting the tree.  Usually it is snowing and windy as we tie the tree to the roof of the vehicle.  He is grumpy from the moment we go till the moment is is finally standing… totally irritated with the needles that mess up the floor, the battle of strengthening the tree… and the awful possibility that it could have scratched the roof of his vehicle.  Whatever.  This year, I got a fake one.  It looks good.  I decided why not try?   At least we can put it up early and not worry about its constant impending death.  So we will see…

I remember our fake tree we would put up every year.  It was so pathetic!  Yet we were so happy to just be putting up a tree!  Remember my dad was dead set against the celebration of Christmas…

I love Christmas.  I love giving gifts!  It is a favorite pastime!  I am forever trying to think of the perfect gift.  This year… I am feeling pretty good at the list I have made.  What will I be surprised with?  I really don’t know as there is nothing I can think of that I need!   Guess that is the key word: need.  It really isn’t about what one needs this time of year, is it?

Hey, Looking for a gift for your Pastor or a leader in your community?  Here is a great idea!

I had a great idea for a gift this week.  As said, Friday night we were off to Barrie to a business party.  What do you get for people that have everything?  Literally… they have been millionaires and then some.  I saw at Shopper’s Drug Mart a Toberone bar.  Not just a regular bar of chocolate but rather 10 lbs!  I should have taken a picture of me holding the bar… but didn’t think of it… so this picture will have to surfice.  Let me tell you, it was a great conversation piece.  While I was waiting in the lobby for Sanj, as he parked the car, I have many an offer to share my bar with strangers! lol  It weighed more than each of my babes.  I only wish I had a chance to sink my teeth into its richness!  I love Toberones!  Yum!

Sigh.  The weekend is over.  Boo!  I can’t wait for Christmas break!  I love when we are all home together… even though today was a bit of nutty day.  I love just relaxing with the boys.

Back to the reality that there is at least a dozen more school days to deal with!

Happy Sunday Evening!

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