Brrr… It is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…

I am up in my room, vegged out on my bed with Josh.  As I look out the window, I see whiteness everywhere… it is snowing pretty hard out… adding to the whiteness.  We live in a snow belt.  I am not sure if it is snowing in town or not.  Yet I can feel the coldness sneaking through the creaks in the house.

Our tree is up.  I love the brightness it adds to the room.  I love ornaments…  just the smell of pine from my tree is missing.  It is all good.  I need to find the perfect ornament for the tree topper.  Most of the stars or angels look so cheap.  Not that I am looking for an expensive topper… I just want it to look nice.

My house is a disaster.  I am avoiding… the mass cleaning that it is needing.  How does it get so messy so soon?  I have messy kids.   I am nagging the boys constantly.   No eating anywhere except the kitchen.  Pick up your clothes.  Flush the toliet.  Hang up your towel.  Make your bed.  I wish I had a button  to press… and boom… magically my kids listen!

I think if the boys spent time in their rooms, maybe they would be more bothered by the messes.  Yet, maybe not.  Our rooms are used primarily for sleeping.  Jordan is my one child that hangs out in his room with his guitar.  The rest hang out with us… on the main floor or basement.

Oh well… I know, one day I will likely miss their messes.  I know that I need to love more and nag less.  It is just so hard!


Hey… my husband has started a blog.  It is bound to be a hit.  He writes really well.  Check him out… Everything related to hearing! It is a professional blog, yet bound to have bits of living life with the boy and I.  We invade his world.  I am not sure he always appreciates that!  Yesterday, Sanj was trying to watch golf up in our room.  Slowly, each of us found our way up to him.  Soon the younger ones were bickering, fighting for a spot, I was trying to get his attention over something… and all the poor guy wanted was to watch Tiger lose.

Today… the rat race begins again.  We had a very nice break of NO HOCKEY!  There was a big tournament in town so the rinks were filled up.  It was so nice!!!  Today… it starts again.  2 games tonight… plus Kid 2 has his workout.  It really is amazing how much one can cram into a couple of hours!

Doodle Bops is playing in my ears.  Maybe it is time to log off… and tackle the messes awaiting me.

Happy Monday, all!

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