Big One and Little One…

Today was Josh’s trip to the sugarbush.  I was planning on going with him.

Sammy made the Junior Team for hockey in high school.  Today was the big tournament for them.

Last night Sammy asked me if I could come to his game.

Here’s the thing about teens.   They are growing up.  They are seeking independence.  Yet they still are in need of their parents.  I am so glad he asked.

Josh was not impressed.  He still isn’t impressed.  Yet he will get over it.  If you look up baby in the dictionary, you will likely see Josh’s picture!  Life is really all about him.  His brothers cater to him.  We forget he is going to be 5 years old (tomorrow) and continue to take his lead as baby of the family.

Going to Sammy’s game was quite an experience for me.  It was a whole new world.  Our boys play on the  city teams.  Well, the church teams.  Sammy is a very talented athlete.  He just excels in the world of sports.  He is a great player.

Yesterday, when I walked into the arena, the game had just started.  I found myself holding my breathe the whole game!  (Quite a talent, I know)!  The boys on the teams were huge!  Not only were they bigger than big but they were rough!!!  Wow.  I was scared.  My Sammy was one of the smaller players.  I found myself praying that God would keep him safe.   Intense.  Rough.  Hockey. Yikes.

All was well and Sammy was exhausted.  I am proud that he was able to hold his own.  I am not sure I want him to try out for the high levels.  At least not until he puts on a 100 more pounds and grows a few feet!

This was the day of my biggest and littlest.  How so alike and different they are!  They are like the book ends of our family!

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