10 Wives!

This weekend I had a glimpse of life with 10 wives!  Wow, what a difference!  The Mormons were on to something!

This was the weekend of the Rhema Retreat but it back a bunch of ladies hanging out at a cottage.  We had a really good time.

We went shopping… I tried on this very cool dress.  It was the kind of dress that one would wear if you were a movie star!  It had feathers on it!  When I tried it on, the sales lady said, “there he is.”  I paused.  He???  A little creepy!  I really loved the dress!  LOVED IT!  Wish I was fancy enough to have places to wear it! lol

Back to my wives… there were 10 of us in total…  after we shopped, there was snacks in the car to refuel us, some-else cleaned up and off we went again!
Meal times were a breeze.  Everyone naturally took turns preparing the food, doing dishes and setting the table. WOW!  Seriously, 10 minutes tops and the clean up was done!

Imagine my life with 10 wives!  Every kid would have a “mom” to look after their needs, I would be available for snuggles anytime!  There would be no issues with laundry or messiness.  Meals and lunches would be a breeze!

There was a disgusting abundance of food, lots to drink but the shortage was time.
How come time goes so fast when you are having fun?

Wow… my weekend with 10 wives was so cool!.

Seriously, there is nothing like hanging out with friends.  There is nothing like leaving your reality for a few days and stepping into another reality that is all about you.  It was pretty awesome.  The commonness  was our school that we all love so much, our God and our families.

It was so good to just be.  I felt God’s presence there.  It was church in the best sense of the word.  My weekend with 10 wives was pretty special!

Can’t wait to do it again!

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One Response to 10 Wives!

  1. Sandy says:

    Love the dress!! You look awesome!

    I like your take on the multiple wives too. Being a Mormon though, I like the idea of sharing the chores but not the husband!