Algebra 101

Up until now none of the boys have brought home math that was too hard to help them with.  Usually they are able to finish it without help.

I suck at math.  In 9th grade, I was in a special math class.  I really appreciated my teacher, Mr. Shoun’s patience.  Last night I was missing Mr. Shoun’s math skills.  Sammy has a unit in Algebra that he is to do on his own.  It is called ISU… Independent Study Unit.  I have other things I call it.

Sanj apparently stinks at Math.  He just says he can’t do math… that must not be required in the works of a Doctorate.  Um… my husband just got busted.  He says, as I read him the blog, “It’s not that I can’t do math… I just don’t like it.”   Wow!  Like I enjoyed pushing out 7 pounds of baby out of my being six times?  Like I enjoy cleaning poop and vomit?  Like I enjoy …. OK… He is in major trouble!

Let me go back to Algebra.  I am helping Sammy get part 1 done of the ISU.  Thankfully there are answers in the back.  So I work it out backwards.   Yet here is my question?  When in real life is algebra used?  Who really cares about what x is?  The only use that I have had for Algebra was to help my high school kid out.  Those that do use this in their lives, can’t they just take it in University?

I guess I am not embracing the knowledge that I will get from being able to pass an Algebra test with flying colours and resent the fact that my kids have to be torched with this cruel and unusually punishment.

I was going to give examples of the math I did last night but don’t know how to type the exponent on the computer.  Too bad…

At least now I know that Sanj is more than CAPABLE of doing this math.  I am thinking I am off the hook.  On the other side of this, it did force me to push myself past the point of comfort and guess what?  I am not too dumb to get some of it!  🙂  That did feel pretty good!

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One Response to Algebra 101

  1. Sandy says:

    Taking Algebra gave me migraines… literally. I am so thankful I have genius children. At least two of my kids can do high math in their sleep… they tutored the others… and Michelle tried to tutor me when I was separated the first time and going back to school…. that was where I learned about the migraines… I have decided since it takes algebra to get a degree, I will forever be degreeless!