I had the kind of morning that was hard to get motivated.  I was attacking the laundry.  It felt good yet I felt paralyzed to do much more.  I finally got my butt in gear and headed to town to do the things that needed to be crossed off my TO DO list. 

The major one was reporting to the Health Unit that the younger two had their necessary shots.  I didn’t call and let them know and today I got the call that the boys would be suspended tomorrow if I didn’t get it taken care of today.  I am sure that Zachary would have loved the day off, Josh, not so much.  CHECK ✔!  Then it was off to get Tyler to the orthodontist.  Ouch.  New wires and sore teeth.

That was just what I needed… to be outside.  It was SO BEAUTIFUL!  Perfect weather, driving with windows down, the radio up and my hair blow drying in the breeze.  I love that perfect weather!

The boys and I went to the park for a bit and then to supper with friends.  It was a good evening.

Today I found a picture  of someone from yesteryear.  This person was part of my world for a time.  I lost them and often wondered what happened to them.  I stumbled upon them today, thanks to the wide world of the web.  It was a little weird.   They looked older and not as happy as I would have thought or wished for them.

They hurt me.  I licked my wounds and God helped me move on.  Life has been good to me thanks to God’s mercy.  Yet I was surprised that I felt disturbed by their apparent lot in life.  Of course this is all my assumption.  Maybe they are happy.  Maybe life is good.  

Weird, isn’t it, to be part of someone’s world and then not to be anymore?

That is one of those life things I hate…. watching a friendship wander away.
I hate when dating someone stole a friendship when that relationship didn’t work out.
Oh well… it was just one of those moments today that left me feeling a bit sad.

It also left me grateful for my blessings… which, of course, Sanj, is the biggest one!

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  1. em says:

    And Sanj is blessed to have you!!!!!