Support, Lift and Durability

Warning:  This is a warning to all the squeamish men readers:  words such as bra shopping, underwire and support occur in this post. 
Today is a day that I had a yucky list of things to do.  I had avoided it long enough and today was the day I had to tackle that list.  Then last night my mother -in-law called and wanted to come into town and do some shopping while my father-in-law came into the clinic.  I was freed from that list!
On the way to school, the phone rings and my mother-in-law called to say that they didn’t know they had to watch the kids (my niece and nephew) today, as they only had half a  day.  She was disappointed.  I was disappointed.  My list lay in front of me with no excuses.
It seems silly that I am avoiding the list as it really has a bunch of stuff that is me related.  Never-the-less, I hate doing the following:  a) blood work NEEDS to be done, fasting b) the van MUST be emptied and cleaned out (Sanj is sure that bubonic plague is alive in there) c)  the dreaded, almost as worse as labour, bra shopping.  See why I wanted to go shopping with my mother-in-law?
Sigh. So, first I went into Old Navy, 25% off everything, only today and got a couple of pairs of pants.  I hate pant shopping too but when I compare it with undies shopping, somehow it seemed barely.    Picked up a couple of pairs of shorts for the younger lads and found myself feeling sad… no more toddler size shopping for me.  The older boys are in the mens section!  Ouch.  How come the prices jump so much?
Anyway, feeling good about my luck, I headed into Sears.  In Peterborough, we have a little Bra Boutique that they fit you and bring you bras in your size.  Here’s the catch… as I was trying on the stuff, I peeked at the price tags. I think I may have stopped breathing for a moment.  One bra was over a hundred dollars!  I don’t like bras to begin with, no one but a select few would even see it, so what was the point?  (Of course, my sweet husband is worth it  but even he would screech at a $100 bra).
Sanj’s response to this was, “How come men don’t have $100 underwear?”  I am sure if you shop in the right places it can be found!
I left there.  That little visit was a few weeks ago.  Today, I was off to Sears.  I need one that caters to specific needs.  (Sorry men, I warned you).  After 30 something, one needs lifting, comfort and durablity.  I really hate underwire.  It bothers me so much.  Once I bought underwire bras wanting to look all cute and sexy.  After a bit, I had to cut the wire out.  It was like a weapon!
Being in my 40s now, I realize that Victoria’s Secret is that their stuff is for the 20 something or those that are fortunate enough to be a A/B cup size.  I needed the heavy artilery. 
I armed myself with 6-8 bras.  I found ONE!  It was liking the discovery of gold!  I was determined to stock up.  I was without kids, and undressed.  I may as well tackle this … that the bull by the horns!  Out I went for another round.  I wrestled, pulled, lifted and snapped.  After trying on close to a 15 bras  (I KNOW!  impressive, eh?) I left with 5-6.  I never have had that many bras.  Yet since I did it and found them, I was not letting them go! 
The last time I went bra shopping was probably a few years ago.  I don’t want to have to go back any time soon!  As I checked out, I was complaining to the sales lady.  She said, “You are just normal.  Every lady hates bra shopping!”  (This was a revalation to Sanj).  Did you know, in heaven, men are going to have boobs!  Big ones!

All in a day!  Now it is off to disinfect the van and get an oil change done.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow I didn't know that there was a science to bra shopping…thanks for sharing!