Degrees and Date Night

Today Sanj finished his last classwork for his Doctorate degree! Yeah!  He has his comprehensive test at the end of the month and then it is all over.  You would think, at least.  Yet, if you are a workaholic as my husband is, that time that was once taken seems like empty time.  I already can see the look of restlessness in him.  Brothers.  Yes, I know, I am pretty sure the field of psychology could have a field day with him!

Here’s the thing, all around me are people (family members) that are working on degrees.  Masters and Doctorates.

What am I working on?  I am not sure.  I am feeling restless.  I am feeling that maybe I need to be i n school working on something.  There is however the little factor that I  h a t e school!  I am not the kind of person that learns really well sitting in a classroom, taking notes, and then being tested on it.  I don’t learn like that.

I guess a degree isn’t really what I am after (got one) .  I already have a B.S. after my name and really I don’t think about it or use it.  I occasionally use the MRS. before my name but that is about it. lol  (It was sort of a joke… did you laugh)?  Oh fine, comedy hour isn’t my thing either.

I want to write… yet feel so lost still overwhelmed by it all.  I have lots of encouragement and offers to  help.  Maybe that is the step I need to take.  I am also thinking of taking a writing class.  I just need to do it.  I guess part of my problem is letting go.  There is so much that needs to happen on a school night … reading, memory verses, algebra, being in bed on time…  can and will that happen without me?

I need to let go.  I know.

We watched Date Night with Steve Carrell and Tina Fey.  Great Movie.  It was a little too honest and real.   We are that couple in so many ways, I felt uncomfortable sitting next to Sanj watching it during some parts.  On the ride home, we were silent for the most part.  A comfortable silence… yet then I thought, what if he thought that we had nothing left to say?  I said this and Sanj said, “I was just thinking the same thing”.”
We are that couple that thinks, “We really should go out… do you want to?” Yet really, we just want to hang at home and do whatever.  Is that bad?

We are that couple that is often awakened by our 5 year old cannon balling us with his body, begging us( ok not us just me since Sanj has usually been up for a couple hours already) to get up while clock tells us it is Saturday and not yet 7 a.m.

I loved the reality of being intimate… the long version or the short… lol.

I love the annoying things that drives each other crazy… leaving everything open (cupboards, drawers) or maybe leaving hair in the sink, or the toliet seat up or the half drunk cups of diet coke…

It was a great movie.  It was shouting out the reality of marriage.  I left thinking that being boring and normal really is OK, isn’t it?  

I would chose to marry Sanj over and over (most days, lol).  So we are good…. who needs a constant flurry of excitement?  Once in a while is good, though right?

These are my thoughts…  At least Sanj always knows what I am thinking!
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