Bit of This and Bits of That…

I have begun so many blogs over the last days.  Yet none have made the PUBLISH POST button.  Now I am overwhelmed by all my thoughts!   So I am just going to write…

* Last week was a busy week of preparing for the Rhema Dinner/Auction.  Lots of work and yet the result was an amazing evening with lots of money raised to help families at our school who may not otherwise be able to be there.  $20,000 + was raised!  How awesome, isn’t it?

* I had so much fun that night as a participate of the auction.  Sanj told me that I could bid on one big thing.  Oh my goodness… the whole adventure of bidding was so exciting!  Annoyingly, there was a few others in the crowd that loved raising the bid.  Yet in the end… I Won!  🙂  (Yes, Sanj, I know, we didn’t win really because we had to pay for it)!  We won an evening out chaffuered by our former and present principals in a limo to a yummy steak house.

*My mom was here and we were blessed with yummy food for the week.  Now it is back to the reality of cooking and cleaning alone.  The boys were surprised to have her fish curry tonight for supper that she made before she left and had hid from them.  🙂

*This weekend we went into Toronto with the boys.  We had a bunch of stuff to take care of at the Mac Store.  My laptop, the MacAir (which I love) had fallen apart.  It has dents and bruises where a laptop should not have any.  This was due to my lax in judgement of letting Josh use it.  Apparently he bumped it and dropped it one too many times.  It was literally apart at the hinges.  Since we were going to the store, I decided to put away my pride and ask if it can be salvaged.  Guess what?  The hinges were a problem and so they covered it under warrenty!  🙂  I had the whole screen part replaced… free!  It looks like a whole new computer!  I was so pleased!  This is never usually our luck!

Then… I have been HINTING LOUDING that I needed a new laptop.  As much as I love the Air, it is really not much of a heavy weight when it comes to storage and speed.  I kept telling Sanj that I needed a new laptop in order to begin writing my book.  I even stooped as low as gettting Josh to tell his dad (who Sanj can NOT say no to… at all) that his mom needed a new one!  As I was dealing with the Mac Genius with our issues… my sweet, dear, loves me to death husband got me a new Mac Pro!  Yes, I am spoiled!
Wow, the thing is fast!  Heavy and ready for me to write!

Last but not least, Sammy’s iPhone was having issues. The first Mac genius was not a genius but rather a lazy one.  He said it was done for.  Sammy was so upset.  We were upset.  When I asked my genius for a second option, he did not agree with the guy.  Yet this meant another appointment.  Sanj went to TO on business today and stopped in to pick up my laptop.  As he had them look at the phone, they decided that since it was just shy of the warranty, they would just replace it!  A new phone!    As I said, this kind of thing never happens to us.  Thank you, Jesus!

*I had to take in our stuff to get our passports done.  $302 dollars later, plus a $100 for the pictures… we are free to travel for another 5 years.  The guy that helped me was a dud.  He must have been a 20 something guy with absolutely no personality.  None.  I was with him for half an over… you’d think he might have made small talk or cracked a little smile… especially as he looked at my adorable boys…  but nope, nothing.  I felt bad for him.  Must be rough to sit there, day in and day out with a cushy government job, great benefits, all sorts of fake holidays off.  Personality should really be a requirement, don’t you think?

*Have you ever looked into your kid’s eyes, listen as they say they love you and melt?  I am not an overly emotional mom.  I, more often then not, want to just say, “Suck it up,” after they have gotten hurt and there is no evidence of the boo-boo.  Yet, I know a bandaid and kiss make it all better.  I am not the kind that gets too teary at events.  Yet, Sunday as we were driving to TO, one of the boys looked at me and said, “I love you, Mommy.”  I felt myself get teary and feel so overwhelmed at the gift of being each of the precious, crazy boys mother.  I felt so blessed to be on the receieving end of their unconditional love.  It doesn’t matter how crazy I am, they love me.  Wow.  I need to really stop more often and enjoy the gift that is mine.

*My last thought for this blog is a sympathy note to my husband.  Sanj loves his clothes.  He has expensive taste.  One of his favorite designers is Hugo Boss.  This weekend, Tyler comes over to Sanj and says, “Daddy, look!”  My 13 year old fit perfectly into one of his dad’s Hugo Boss sweaters.  I think I heard Sanj cry. lol
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