I have a bit of writer’s block.  It leaves me feeling frustrated and discontent. I am in a funk where so many things I usually do, I haven’t done in a while.  Last night, I had cleared everything and everyone out of my way so I could watch Grey’s Anatomy. Yet, I chose to putter in my room doing this and that.  Sanj came home and we chatted instead and then went to bed. (Of course this is better than Grey’s, lol, but it is not like me).
Today, a little while ago, my husband finished writing his comprehensive exam. Now he is pacing.  I thought he would be relieved.  Yet,now he has to stress about whether he passed.  Of course he does not have the confidence in himself that I do.  I am sure he passed.
The other day, I walked into Sanj office where he was suppose to be studing. He was online looking at backhoes and tractors.  I felt a moment of panic. Why in the world was he looking at $30,000 toys that we don’t need?  I could think of a lot of things to do with $30,000!  Forgot the fact that I need a new kitchen (because I hate the one that we have). I would put in a pool with beautiful  stonework around it. Ok, that would cost way over $30,000… but think of all the pool parties we could have? While speaking of toys we don’t need but would love, I would a RV to travel around with.  How much fun would that be?
When I asked Sanj what he was doing, he said,”You never know when you may need a backhoe?” Hum…you never know when you may need an  extra head, either!
I am hoping that next summer I can take the boys on a RV  adventure to the East Coast of Canada.  How much fun would that be? Maybe it is just a dream… but why not dream big? 🙂  This is something I have always wanted to do. Apparently they, the RVs are very expensive to rent. Anyone have one you need driven?  Let me know! 🙂
I am in the office today as all the usually staff had family emergencies.  Isn’t that usually how it works?  I am here, answering phones and taking messages for all the  others to return since I no not the answers. There is a  LOT of white noise in this office. I feel like I am going to need a hearing aid, myself.  I did do some real work for a few hours. Sanj left with his buddy, who was overseeing his test, I guess to make sure he didn’t cheat. I said I would man the office while he stepped out. Here’s the thing, I am usually never in the office allow.  Sanj is always around. He ususally pops his head around the corner to see he walked in.   I am sitting here, the door opens, and I feel a moment of panic. What if this is a crazy person? I am unarmed and helpless. I look around to where they keep the panic button…all the while smiling and asking what I can do to help them?  How long would it take for the police to come?  I am tempted to press it and see how it all plays out… a trial run, if you will.  I would likely get fired,again.
Sigh.  At least blogging is taking my mind of the fact that I am alone.  Unless  I am reading, I really don’t like being totally alone. Sad, isn’t it?  I much rather be in a room, snuggling  with a warm body, reading.
Boring, is it?  I am sorry. I am really suffering from writer’s block.   Yet,  I figured as long as I type, if a crazy comes in,  I can leave you a clue as to what happened! lol Maybe I am the only crazy around here.  Oops, here comes someone… 2 men,  olderish, with hearing aids…
Gotta run…
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2 Responses to Babbling….

  1. Anonymous says:

    LOL!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing……

  2. Jinxie says:

    What IS it with men and their "toys." They never outgrow it!! And they're usually so expensive!! I hope he's happy just looking and doesn't get carried away.

    A great post, I loved reading it! I'm happy to see you posted again and that we didn't have to depend on any clues to your demise. ;D