Dr. Sanjeev Sukumaran

Tonight my very own Doctor and I are going out with some friends to a yummy steak house.  

Yes, my sweet, super smart hubby is now officially a Doctor of Audiology…   I am so proud of him.  He was really stressed out  this afternoon as he waited the results.  I thought about distracting him by telling him I was pregnant for the afternoon! lol  Yet, just the thought sent me into a panic.

This afternoon, I had an appointment with my doctor.  It was scheduled for longer than usually.  I, being me, crazy and all, had this moment, thinking, “What if I am pregnant and she is calling me into her office to break it to me, knowing I would need to be admitted into the Nichols Building (our department that is for those who need psychological help).

Crazy, I know.  Yet as I was walking the mall the other day, there was this little itsy bitsy babe… all brand new and beautiful.  Oh my goodness, I miss that beautiful time.  I miss how their cute little bum could fit in my palm.  I miss that special smell of a new babe.   I miss those little sounds.  I miss all those little things.

Oh well.  Now I have 3-4 of the boys that can buy their clothes from the men’s section.  Ridiculous!

My Baby #2 will be off to high school in just a few months.  How is that possible?  My little Tyler,  cried for 6 weeks straight about leaving me as he went to JK.  Can you tell I am still traumatized?  Life was so hard for him.  Change was (is) hard for him.  He loves consistency… routine.  Soon he will be leaving all that has been familiar for the last 10 years and off to a whole new world.  I know he will be fine.  Not sure if I will be.  Sigh.  He is such a wonderful boy with a great big heart.   I love this kid of mine.  Yes, I love all of you… Sammy, Jordan, Max, Zach and Josh!  Wow… that is a lot of love to pass around!  No wonder I am tired! lol

It is so gorgeous outside!  Sunny, bright, warm!  It is supposed to rain some on the weekend.  The boys are part of a floor hockey tournament to raise money for their mission trip, Sammy and Tyler will be going this summer.  5 of my boys are playing… X that by $10… I can pay for a few trips… at this rate!  🙂

Josh and Sanj will be hanging out for the day.  I have to admit that I hope Josh poops in his pants at least once for Sanj!  I also hope it is the kind of poop that is so loose it has run down his legs.  To make it the best experience yet, I hope Josh doesn’t tell him till the poop is dried up and crusty.  🙂  I only hope this for Sanj, so he will know what he missed out on while he was studying.  Why is Josh pooping in his pants?  I dunno.  He has this diet that is too healthy, I am thinking.  So, often he doesn’t make it to the bathroom.  We are working on him.  I am hoping to feed him full of junk to back him up a bit! lol

I am feeling my vibe coming back!  It feels so good to write again.  For those of you that take the time to read my rambling… thank you.  You flatter me!

Happy Weekend!

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3 Responses to Dr. Sanjeev Sukumaran

  1. Sandy says:

    Welcome back Reema!! I love reading your writing!!!

  2. Sandy says:

    Oh yea, silly me… CONGRATULATIONS!!! Mrs. Dr.!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Congrats to the both of you! Reema 1/2 of that degree belongs to you because if it weren't for your tireless support and dedication, this accomplishment would've been twice as stressful for your dear husband. Sanj is blessed to have you!