Oh Husband, Where Are You???

Yesterday, after church, I asked Sanj to run to the store to pick up some construction paper that Sammy needed for a project. I was going to take all the boys home and begin lunch. After the boys and I had eaten lunch, I looked at the time. 1:30 p.m. I wasn’t really worried, as I figured that since Sanj was alone, he may have run into Home Depot or did an errand and probably saw someone and lost track of the time.

At 2:30 p.m. as I was laying down with Josh… I started to worry. I could see that Tyler and Zachary were getting anxious too. It had been 2 hours later. Sanj hates shopping so I could not imagine him wandering the stores. I begin to have visions of him in a car accident. I wondered what the first step would be to find him? I gave him 15 more minutes before I was going to call my brother-in-law… the cop. I know he would help me. Yet, knowing that everything was likely OK, I didn’t want to overact.

Just as I was getting ready to call Raj, I heard Sanj’s car pulling in. I was so mad. He didn’t have his cell phone with him. I could hear Tyler and Zachary scolding him. He makes his way upstairs, sheepishly.

Have you ever been so mad and relieved all at the same time? Phew! I wouldn’t have to sell the house or find an audiologist or look for caskets or understand or insurance policies. Yet, I still wanted to hurt him bad!

He had gone to the music store, it was closed. Then he went to the men’s store and got carried away chatting with the guy and buying a suit. Hum… He better look darn fine in that suit!!!

It is one of my biggest peeves about my husband. I hate that he never has his cell when he should or it isn’t charged or on!!! Grrr…

I also hate that he never worries about me. When I am off at night to a meeting or the movies, all the lights are off and he is sound and snoring! What if I was in an accident? He wouldn’t even know till he woke up at 5 a.m. Maybe I should stay out one night and not come home and let him actually have that moment of panic and wonder what life is going to be like as a single dad.
Hum… I like that idea. Movie anyone? lol
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