All In A Day…

Highlights of my day:

The boys had a PD day… no school.  Though Josh doesn’t seem to understand the meaning of sleeping in, it was delightful to lounge in bed for a bit.  It was so nice to not have to rush off.  Josh had a birthday party.  He was so annoyed that Jordan was invited too!   Jordan was invited to keep his friend, the older brother, company).  Josh was so upset!!!  Yet, he came home absolutely delighted that Jordan had played with him and was the best big brother ever!

Tonight, at supper, we had parmesan crusted baked chicken, rice and beans and a platter of raw veggies.  I am nagging the boys to eat their 5 veggies.  Then, they all looked at me as if I had lost my head as I berated Josh for eating too many veggies!  He actually got in trouble for eating too many veggies! Crazy boy!  Yet his system of not impressed with his love for all things orange, green and red!  Who gets their kid in trouble for eating to healthy?  Wish that was my problem!!!

As I was getting Josh ready for bed, I called him a “Dude.  He looked offended.  “Hey, don’t call me a pimple on a donkey’s butt.”  Huh?  Apparently Tyler told him that was the meaning of dude.

Sanj and the boys have been jamming together every evening.  This Friday they are going to be playing for Vespers, the Friday night program for Sanj’s alumni.  They sound so beautiful together.  I am sure God is just smiling down.  A little heaven on earth.

We did a little shopping today too, for underwear and shoes for some of the boys.  Zachary’s foot keeps turning inward, pigeon toe, I think is what they call it.  I am going to have to get it looked at, though the information on-line seems to say there isn’t much one can do.  We shall see.  As Zach took his shoes off to try the new shoes, he was barefoot.  Not sure why, but he didn’t bother with socks.  Wow… his shoes were so disgusting!  The smell!!!  It really should have been illegal!

While we were killing time to pick up Sammy from school, I took the boys to a nearby park.  Tyler had to pee.  I told him to find a bush.  Next thing I knew, as I looked up, there was my Tyler peeing in the middle of the park!!!  Hello!  Boys will be boys.  Unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough with my camera!

My day… in no particular order.  I love my boys.  I love my husband.  I love a day off!

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2 Responses to All In A Day…

  1. Sandy says:


    Does Jach tend to trip a bit more than normal? I toed in, still do somewhat. I learned to concentrate on my walking, to point my toes out on purpose. It does affect the spine, and can cause lower back pain later in life, because "toeing in" places the leg and hip bones in a different position than natural.

    Your days sound so busy… I guess there was a time I was that busy with my 6 too.


  2. Reema Sukumaran says:

    Hi Sandy,
    I wouldn't say that Zach trips or anything, but he adn my Max, who is knock kneed have been complaining of their ankles hurting… a lot lately. That is why I was wanting to check it out.

    I have enjoyed reading your blogs… happy birthday! 🙂