It is getting hard to get up in the mornings.  The boys seem to have a hard time settling at night as the sun still shines and the weather  beckons them to stay outside longer.  I had to encourage them that we are in the home stretch.  About 7 and half weeks left till the school year is over.  We can do it, yes, we can!
I am in the office today, though I was suppose to be in JK with Josh.  You know what they say, when it rains, it pours.  Despite having 3 office staff that are there to cover each other, all three had family stuff that left me needing to go in and cover.  I don’t mind, but I did miss going into JK. 
Today on the radio, I heard that a mom was backing out  of her drive way and hit her little 2 year old.  Can you imagine?  How horrid.  My friend was backing up at the high school yesterday and paused as a bunch of high schoolers walked by.  She proceeded to back up and felt herself hit something or rather, someone.  One of the kids had bent down to do whatever and was out of sight.  Please be careful … backing up.  Please!  Did you know it is the second most common cause of death at home?

Another helpful tip, if you have a newer vehicle that comes with the camera that comes on when you reverse, don’t trust it 100%!

A funny little story… OK, it wasn’t really funny but what my husband confidence is what made it funny.  A few years ago, Sanj bought a Denali.  I have often mentioned that this piece of metal is his one true love.  He loves his truck!  He brought it home with such confidence  in its abilities.

Our last house had a circular drive.  The middle part was a grassy, mossy area with trees.  It was winter.  We had company.  Sanj had come home after our company had come.  They had parked in his spot.  (Remember my many blogs that talk about my sweetie and how he is a creature of habit)?  Feeling powerful in his 4 wheel machine, he parked the truck in the middle, where there was a lot of snow.  He was sure that the beast could drive right out of there.

The next morning, at an obscene hour, I heard this noise outside the window.  It wasn’t minutes after 5 a.m.  I could hear this loud racket.  Revving… more revving and then silence.  As I dragged myself out of bed, I seen Sanj throwing his gloves down and he is MAD!!!  I was scared.  What happened in the night?  Did someone break in and damage the vehicles?

This part is only funny because of my husband’s deep love his hunk of metal and his confidence in its abilities.  Apparently, he had decided to move the truck, no doubt bothered that it was not in its usual spot.  As he tried to get out of his spot, he was in snow much deeper than he realized.  Thus the revving.  Again… trusting the machine, he was watching the camera that was to guide his view of the rear.  Before he knew it, he heard a crunch!  He hit a tree.  The camera was covered by snow.  Oops!  $3000 lesson that gadgets are only that.  

We can all laugh at this now simply because the only thing that was hurt was the truck and my hubby’s pride.  

How horrid it would be to hurt someone we love.

Caution and then more caution…
Use caution and then some.

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