Jesus LOVES me!

Today I went to a funeral… I will write more about this later but they read 1Corinthians 13.  Like you, I have heard it so many times and had to memorize it.  

For some reason, today I got it.  It is a guide to loving.  I am sorry if I am stating the obvious… but I realized that if  we followed it.. we would have happier marriages, friendships and relationships in general.

If I have everything, but do not know how to love, I am nothing.  Have you heard a gong or the clash of cymbals?

If I give money to the beggar lady, feed the poor, have faith as big as mountain yet do not have love, what is the point?

Love IS patient.
Love IS kind.
Love DOES NOT envy.
Love DOES NOT boast.
Love IS NOT proud.
Love IS NOT rude.
Love IS NOT self-seeking.
Love IS NOT easy to anger.  (Hum).
Love forgives.
Love seeks truth.
Love protects.
Love always trusts.
Love always hope.  It does not give up.
Faith, hope and love… the greatest is LOVE.

I wish I could say this all comes so easy to me.  I wish I was kind all the time.  I wish I was patient all the time.  I wish I was not easy to anger.  I wish forgiving everyone was so easy. I wish I did not lose faith.  

I am so glad that God is so patient with me.  I am so glad that God believes in me even when I don’t believe in myself.  I am so glad that God is so forgiving.  I am so glad that God loves me!  You know, GOD… King of kings, Lord of lords, Saviour, HE LOVES ME!!!

I love that!  Oh, by the way, HE loves you too!  I’d like to think that He loves me a little more… lol but there I go being all about me.
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    So good to find a fellow christian blogger! Your boys are definately blessings indeed!
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