My Eulogy…

As mentioned, yesterday I went a funeral. It was the funeral of a 80 year old lady, mother to friends of ours.

I sat there listening to this lady’s life and couldn’t help but think of my life.  What would people say of me, when my time comes to lay in a casket?  How would I want my eulogy to be?
Is my life today one that I am proud of?  Do I love those around me enough?  Do my children, husband, family and friends know that my life is as good as it is because they have a place in it?
I want it to be said that I loved my God.  Do I live my live in such a way that it is obvious others know God is my best friend?  I don’t know.  I need to work on that.  My love for God should be something that is shining thorugh me.  It isn’t a secret.
I want it to be said that I loved my boys.   If I died today, will they say that I was the best mom I could be?  Probably not.  I need to work on that.  I need to learn to stop the worries of cooking and cleaning.  I need to learn to just be with them.  I am pretty good at that, I think, but I know I can be better.  Yesterday was a great example of this… Cooking with Jordan was delightful.  Messy? Yes.  Yet memorable… and fun.
I want it to be said that I loved my husband with a passion.  This isn’t hard.  I do love him with all my heart.  He is the best thing that  has happened to me, so loving him isn’t hard.  I need to work on the nagging.  Yet, I do this because I love him! lol
WIll it be said that I was the best daughter and sister?
Will it be said I was a good friend?  I hope so.  I do love my friends.  I love being with them.  I love them as they make my world a happier place.
I am sure I won’t be known for my domenstic skills.  I am sure I won’t be remembered for my love for cooking or cleaning.  I probably won’t be remembered for my knitting!    Maybe I will be remembered for my love for shopping!  Maybe I will be remembered for loving to have a party. 
(Funny story, when we were first married, I thought  I would make Sanj a pair of boxers for Valentines.  I was so excited.  I had a great Home Ec teacher and knew that basics.  I was so pleased with my efforts.  Until Sanj tried it on.  One of his legs couldn’t even make it in the one side! lol This is where the thought really counted!!! )
As I wonder about my eulogy, (not in a morbid way), I hope that the life I am living is one that is pleasing to God.  I have things that I need to work on. It is something that I plan to make a conscious effect. 
Have you ever thought of what kind of legacy you will leave behind?
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3 Responses to My Eulogy…

  1. Sandy says:

    Yes I have thought about what would be said at my funeral. I've asked the same questions you have. I think as long as I keep working on those areas that could use improvement, the words will be kind and all who know me will know I love God.

  2. em says:

    Yes, it will definitely be said that you were loved VERY much!!

  3. joven says:

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