It’s Me… Back At Writing…

Did you miss me?  I missed you.  I am not sure why I haven’t blogged in a bit except that life has been really busy and I was left feeling overwhelmed the last few weeks.

We went to Sanj’s graduation, then to DC … all which was great but required me to be organized and in this kind of situation, I tend to set unrealistic expectations for myself and am very upset if I miss that expectation.

It was very neat to be on a University campus again.  It was neat to see Sanj put faces to the names he had been “chatting” with the last years.

The song, “Pomp and Circumstance” always gets me.  It has such memories and symbolism.  It made me want to march down with a cap and gown on me. 

It was special to have all his family there to celebrate.  The boys were great about sitting through the hours of names of graduates. They were tolerate of the pictures afterwards. 

After grad, we followed my brother-in-law’s GPS to eat supper at my happy place… Olive Gardens.   To get to this destination, we drove thorough all rough parts of Philly and saw life in the city.  Sanj kept bugging me to put my window up as scary folks were in very close vicinity to my open window.   It was a brutally hot day, the air in our van was broken and so we travelled in a sauna.  I felt that being pulled out of the van was a chance I was willing to take to keep my window open.  Besides, I had my hubby, who is travelling up the ladder of colors in his belts in Jujitsu.  I knew I was safe with his being beside me.

We were in Maryland, at my brother’s house 3-4 hours later (thanks to traffic).
(I will write more about this in my next blog).

It was a very tiring trip back home.  Hot.  Very Hot. Everyone was very tired.  Being in our own bed felt so good!

We have all the end of the school year stuff to see through.  Being on the fundraising committee at school had me in charge of the Yard Sale.  This is not my thing.  If you read my blogs I have written in the past, you no this.  Ugh.  I hate going through other people’s junk.  I feel dirty rummaging through the junk.  Yet, it was one of those cases that someone had to do it.  I was the one that seemed to be around and so I took it on.  Again it is about the expectation I put on my self.  I wanted so badly to raise a certain amount, (my goal was $1500… we raised $1388.66).  There was so much stuff left and had to be pack again.  There was not enough help.  I don’t think that for the money raised and work involved, that it was worth it.  We will have to visit this discussion in one of our meetings.  I was so proud of my boys.  They were troopers.  The three younger ones woke up at 7 am and went with me and stayed the whole time.  The price paid for this was the junk that they felt were treasures.  Ugh.  lol.

My mom was here and was a great help too.  She is the Queen of Yard Sales.  Wow.  She was in heaven.  I think she shopped and browsed most of that time.  She kept asking me if I wanted this or that.  NOOOOO!   She found  a HUGE suitcase there and was thrilled so she could take back her treasure.  

The quote of the day was, “One man’s junk is just another man’s junk.” This profound statement was made by one of our teachers, Paul Voskamp.

Tuesday, we have a fun morning ahead of us… we are wanting the fine folks in Peterborough and area to see what they are missing by not being part of our school.  We have a morning of fun planned… story time, craft time, snack time, gym time.  It is going to be a great morning!  I am so looking forward to it.  The best part is that it is free!  🙂  I have been praying about this day.  I feel it in my bones that it is going to be awesome!  I think we are going to have a big group of kids.  I feel God’s hand in this whole thing.

So, as you can see, life has been busy and not leaving me much time to do the things I really want to do… such as blogging.  My mom has been back and forth between my house and my brother’s.  She will be here till the end of June… to be here for Tyler’s graduation.  While she has been here, the boys have been getting there fill of yummy Indian food.  My mom is a permanent fixture in the kitchen and laundry room while she is here.

This week is going to be a busy one too.  Yet I am going to get back into the habit of writing.  I have missed it.  I have missed your thoughts and comments… I love our special relationship!  🙂
 If you read this blog, today, come back and check out the pictures, I’ll post tomorrow.

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One Response to It’s Me… Back At Writing…

  1. Sandy says:

    I absolutely missed you Reema!! Every day I would go on to see if you were there, and was disappointed. But not today!! Welcome home… congrats again to Sanj… how wonderful to have your mom for a time… I hate doing yard sales too… and enjoy your Tuesday morning showing off your school… I will be looking for you again.