Love, Family and Moments

One of the best gifts that my children can get from their aunts and uncles is time.  My boys have a very small circle of family here.  It is pretty much Sanj’s brother, Raj and family (which gives them a boy and girl cousin).  When we go to D.C. there is an abundance of family there.  

This is such a treat for the boys.  They love their uncles and aunts.  They enjoy making up for lost time with the little cousins.  The boys are much older (at least the older 3) then the cousins there. 

We went to the church my brother is pastor at…  there walking in was family.  I loved the smile on the boys faces.  They were just so pleased to see and be with everyone.

Saturday night we were to go out, just the adults.  The older boys looked so sad to be home alone… with the younger ones with nothing to do… especially knowing that we were going to be out with their aunts and uncles.  I decided to let them come.  Of course it was different, having them there but it was so great to see them appreciate the privilege of being able to come out.

There were a lot of smile from the boys this weekend.  Sunday we had a family gathering to celebrate Sanj’s graduation as well as the graduations of his cousin, Tina and her hubby, Raj.
It was just another chance for everyone to hang out and just enjoy being with  each other.

This picture is of all the little ones… well and big ones… the children that make up the craziness of our lives.

It was so special.  Sammy fell asleep at 6 pm and didn’t wake up till the next morning!  Too much loving! lol

There were speeches, tears, laughter and lots of love in the room.  Life happens so quickly and  can be so overwhelming with the hard stuff that it is so important to grab the moments that make it all so special.  That was what this weekend was about for us.  It was great.
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