Do you ever think of divorcing your love?  I have to admit, I do.  Only when I am really mad.  Then, lucky me, I fall in love all over again!

The other day, I said to Sanj something along the lines of moving.  OK… that is all he heard.  (Understand, I wasn’t saying I wanted to move in the near future or am I ever looking…)  He looked at me and said in his annoying, “I mean business” voice, “If you want to move again, I swear I will divorce you!”

That got my attention!  Divorce moi?  I am such a catch!!!  lol

Oh dear, I think this time I might have pushed him over the edge.  See, I have moved so many times that I have a hard time thinking of a house as in forever terms.  Sanj can count the number of times he moved.
I love our house.  I really do.  I was just making conversation…  He didn’t buy that.

Since I don’t want him to divorce me, I have been looking at this house in a different light.  I have been looking at things I need/want to make it a house forever kinda house.

Divorce.  Such an ugly word.  Yet there are things that are issues.  What if we are just not compatible?
Here is an example:  I love the windows open, especially right now when it is windy, a storm is brewing and the air is cool and fresh.  Sanj walks into a room and shuts the window.  He is cold.  He hates the wind blowing in.

Hum… My feeling is, “Get Over It!”  He can layer up and keep warm… me, I can only strip so much! lol Hum… maybe there is an ultimate motive! lol

Divorce.  Such an ugly word.  Of course, if he wanted to get my attention, he has it.  Home Sweet Home.
Should I call Dr. Phil?

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