Six Of Them!

I never in a million years thought I would have 6 children, much less 6 boys!  Sometimes, when I stop and really think about it, it freaks me out.  When I really stop and think of the responsibility of raising 6 sons, I can feel the panic.

While I was out with some girlfriends this weekend, I was shocked to here them talking about one of my sons being a lady’s man.  What?  Sanj and I were both quite shy and insecure when it came dealing with the opposite sex.  Where did my son get this confidence and absolute delight about girls?  (Our brothers)!!!

I was trying to appear all cool about it, yet in reality I felt panic bubbling up.  They aren’t even in high school.  I will admit, I will the confidence.  I always wished that for them.  I love that they are secure in themselves or appear to be.

Yet, as I think of it, I am so worried about the fact that they understand that girls have feelings too.  I want them to understand that it isn’t a game.  Dating is for older people… as it can hurt feelings.  

Sigh.  Most days I take it one day at a time.  I love checking things off my list.  There is something so wonderful about crossing it off when it is accomplished!  

This week:

Monday:  The already late dragonfly project is due.  It is pet day and so Bella is needed in Zach’s class.  This means she needs a bath, BADLY!  Guitar is today after school.  Later tonight there is a meeting about the Golf Fundraiser that we are doing this weekend. This means a late night since the meeting doesn’t begin till 8:30 pm.  OH… Jordan needs muffins for the bake sale tomorrow.

Tuesday:  My mom has a hearing test booked with a cute audiologist in the morning.  I will likely go  into the office and work the morning.  My mom is teaching an Indian cooking class to Jordan’s class.  I will likely go in and help her.  Sanj has guitar.  The boys have golf.  It is a late night.

Wednesday:  Off on a field trip with Max to Sammy’s high school.  Maybe this could be fun… spying on my teen! lol

The remainder of the week is full of a mismatch of errands.  I am sure I will be there one running around doing all the last minute things such as getting the prize packs etc. together.  Then I have this project of renovating the primary bathrooms at the boys school.  I am trying to think of creative ways to get funds together before flat out asking for it from the usual suspects.

Father’s Day is this weekend too.  Usually I make ribs for the males in the house.  We will see.  Oh, I picked up one of those pools you see in all the backyards that can’t afford a real one… I am so excited for the boys.  It is just a great way to cool off immediately.  

Hey … if you are looking for a great Father’s Day gift… ask me about the Golf Tournament.
By the way, how hard is it to get a hole in one?  We have a prize of free tuition for a year.  I am really needing that!  Maybe I should try.  Maybe I would have beginner’s luck! 

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